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some people do displays of caring like displays of dominance.

some people want so badly to help you they will help you whether you want it or not, they will poke and sniff around you for problems so they can help you, they will ask you too many questions but if you don’t want to answer a question they will take that as a sign of upset which means the thing they asked you the question about is a problem and so they will pounce on the opportunity to help you, they will invent problems you don’t actually have or cause you problems so they can help you, you find yourself afraid to express any negative emotion or any neutrality or weirdness they might take as a negative emotion around them because they would just love to help you with it, you find yourself afraid to say no to them because they will dig for the reason you said no and then help you with it, they will talk melodramatically about how they want to helllllllp you but they don’t know how to helllllllp you and (horror of horrors, a combined insult and threat about how you are unsalvagable or they might have to put you in a institution/more therapy/ect) they’re not sure they can helllllllp you, they will kneel down and look at your face and ask “how can I help?” and when you tell them the truth- fuck off- they will endeavor to help you with your anger.