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“just focus on recovery and nothing else until you get better” is HORRIBLE advice for some people, especially people who aren’t going to get better. “just focus on the basics. don’t do art projects/scientific research/throw parties until you can consistently eat three meals and shower every day.” can be really awful advice and it isn’t necessarily going to help you get better. devoting all your time to the thing you are worst at can just make you more depressed and unhappy and self hating.

some people will NEVER be able to manage basic self-care. no matter what type of therapy or pills or effort they put into it. or other people may find they can bathe themselves regularly, ect, if that’s all they focus on, but they’d rather have the energy to write music. some people might find they can do self-care with the help of pills, but the side effects aren’t worth it.

(I think part of the big focus on bathing as part of recovery is because bathing is good for you and part of it is because bathing makes you look normal and you don’t gross the normal people out.)

“focus on nothing but recovery until you recover” is also part of “be normal or be nothing at all”. you can be sick for the rest of your life and still have a life. people who cannot say, shower, can still accomplish things. and you don’t have to earn the right to write books by acting like a human first.