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Language comes both more and less naturally to me than to other people. I think for most people, words are symbols that convey sensation and emotion; for me, the words are sensation and emotion itself. Words have never felt like they were meant to be abstract; words have always been part of my body; and when I spend too much time in balloons full of abstract language I disconnect from my physical being.

Words don’t have meanings, they are meaning.

Or sometimes they aren’t. Sometimes they are symbols; they are stick figures instead of people. Sometimes they are like shoe sizes, where an eight has no reason to be an eight and words have no reason to mean what they do but a cat has a reason to be a cat so I’d rather sit with the cat. Sometimes words are an endless chain of dominoes, falling.

For me, language is about rhythm as much as it is about meaning- but, there is meaning in rhythm. There is motion in language. Language is motion. Rhythm is meaning. It is what echoes you back to yourself; how could it not be?