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They’re killing us.

And I just wonder who’s next.

They talk about low quality of life. And when they talk about quality of life, they’re talking about value of life. As if you could measure the value of a life. You can’t.

They talk about quality of life. As if death was somehow better. As if you have to earn being alive by being happy enough. Maybe that’s why they train us to smile and smile and smile until we don’t know how not to.

As if there were only so many spaces on earth and we were using up one that could be filled by a real person.

They lock us up and they say we are grateful and they strip us of everything and they say we are grateful and then they kill us, and they say we are grateful.

And it’s terrifying, how many people think it’s okay. You’re telling me not to judge this killing; do you want me not to judge you when you kill? Are you not judging because you are doing as you hope you will be done by?

They’re killing us. The doctors. The ones that are supposed to be keeping us alive, are killing us.

They kill us by pinning us to the floor and calling it help, and locking us in places where we don’t have our basic needs met and calling it help, and shooting us and calling it help, and taking away our food and water and starving us to death and calling it help. Because the value of our life is negative and we are not allowed to exist.

Another one down.

Tell me, who’s next?