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tw: “therapeutic” abuse of neurodivergent people

When you are mentally ill, when you are autistic, anything you say can and will be used against you.

People will ask you whether you feel bad when people laugh at you, and if you say no you will be sent to social skills class, and if you say yes you will be sent to therapy for self esteem, where people try to guilt and hurt you into thinking highly of yourself.

People will ask you if you consider your illness to be disrupting your life, and if you say yes it will be used as evidence that you need behavioral therapy, and if you say no it will be used as evidence that you have no insight.

People will tell you you will grow up to be unemployable, and say you’ve given up on yourself when you agree with them. People will tell you no one likes kids who act the way you do, and when you say no one likes you, faux-nice ladies will put you on antidepressants and lecture you on how everyone is friends in this school. People will lecture you on not giving in to peer pressure and on learning to “act socially appropriate”.

If you disagree with them, you will be punished, but the opinions they actually agree with (you are Bad, you are a burden, you are unworthy) they do not want to say.

If you tell them about what brings you joy, they will invade it and contaminate it and put it through a cookie cutter and make you earn it. If you tell them about what brings you pain, they will write it down and use it as punishment and put you in therapy to make you tolerate it and call you faking and grievously ill at the same time.

And the right to remain silent? We don’t have that. “Use your words” they say, and twist our arms behind our back, and hold jellybeans in front of our mouths and call us empty shells and call us regressive and lock us up and force us to speak.